Southwest Airlines will land in Cuba at the end of 2016

After last week eventually carry out an agreement historic nature between Cuba and the United States, intended to allow commercial flights between the two countries for the first time in over 50 years, Southwest Airlines shared the information with respect to that, soon, you could start making flights to Cuba.

The news is that the president and CEO of Southwest Airlines, Gary Kelly, will advise employees that the airline will apply for the necessary authorization to fly in and out of the Caribbean island on the new routes opened recently.
Many routes, one destination

Meanwhile, Gary Kelly, took the opportunity to declare that “If we do not put our foot in the door now, you might lose the opportunity to serve Cuba for a long time”, while said that “We are willing to consider this opportunity and we might well be flying to Cuba in 2016. “

But competition is fierce, since from that bilateral relations between the United States and Cuba have been normalized, tourism on the island, especially from the North American country, has greatly increased, so achieve get one of these trade routes would be a very important achievement.
strong competition

Southwest Airlines is not alone in applications for trade routes between the two countries, but they are competing with several large aviation, among which American Airlines, which authorities said they are planning to submit its application to provide service commercial air transport in Cuba next March 2.

The destinations enabled in Cuba are many, but Havana is the destination where competition is much stronger, because not only are flights rather requested, but find limited to just 20 flights a day, while an additional 10 flights a day will be found fully available in 9 other Cuban international airports.

Southwest Airlines is confident about its ability to meet these routes, as has been expanding during the past year, its air transport service to different international destinations in the Caribbean. These are just some of the changes including new regulations for envios a cuba that will go into effect later this year.

Cooperation between Cuba and Hungary in neuroscience

Today, the Hungarian company UltraSmart and the Cuban company CNEURO of BioCubaFarma, conducted the signing of a partnership agreement both in the area of science and the business sector in the embassy of Cuba present in that European nation.

According to information provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba on its website, the main objective seeking this agreement is to develop various recovery methods to overcome brain consequential damages of various kinds, which decrease their abilities both motor and cognitive, as well as the necessary equipment for this, through close cooperation between the two countries on a contractual basis.
crucial moment for science

Peter Hersics, General Manager UltraSmart detailed the various efforts that have been made over the past years and that served to obtain these results and also took the opportunity to highlight the most important aspects of what has been achieved in this collaboration, and actual data on the rate of recovery of the various patients suffering from a motor capacity reduced as a result of brain damage that may have to suffer.

On the other hand, Julio Cesar Cansio Ferrer, Ambassador of Cuba, said that all patients in Hungary, Cuba or any other country, who have reduced their motor skills and get them back using techniques and equipment resulting from this cooperation, van remember the day of the signing of this agreement with gratitude.
Witness a historic moment

The signing of this cooperation agreement between Cuba and Hungary, was attended by the Director General for Latin America and the Caribbean Hungary, as well as various officials of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MAEC), doctors, entrepreneurs and scientists .

Importantly, this agreement is, as historical origin, the passage of Neuroscience Center of Cuba located in the capital of Cuba, to independent center of the National Center for Scientific Research in early 2005, with much of its main objective in organizing, directing and conducting research, based on the genetic and molecular levels, reaching the systemic levels and their interaction with the environment and social factors. Learn more about Cuba with todo cuba and stay up to date.

Why accounting is a crucial part of business

Some companies go ahead and hire employees as their accountants and then there are some companies that outsource their accounting to accounting firms. In both cases it shows that any business requires accounting.

There are many companies that also invest in the services that provides software for your accounting purposes. Accounting software allows users to store all the information or it can be used only for calculation purposes. Professional well known accountants such as Jesus Suverza Medina are known to charge a lot of money for their services, but they also help the companies save and manage a lot of money.

The only little problem is that the user must be very fluid with this software, because if not, then the software can be a difficult task that will create problems for the business.

The other flaw is that if the business depends on the accounting software is very important to always have a backup of the work done or there may be a huge risk to cope if any data loss occurs. The software allows easily perform their daily tasks, however, this also leads to a lot of risks. Not every software can handle every accounting tasks considering there are many different sectors in the accounting.

If there are certain operations that are not very clear to the counter, then accounting software can be of great help. The software can easily handle reports and accounting for the business. Therefore, it is always a benefit to invest in this type of software.

What I Learned Entering The Construction Niche

Wall panels serves many functions, such as providing accurate divisions for conducting exhibitions in museums and galleries, also to hide any wiring such as stereo speakers in open and public places. They work very well as decorative elements, because the wall panels are an excellent way to break the wall space. This can be done by panels of the top or bottom of the wall, installation of wooden panels resemble a slightly more rustic rand preppy.

In-Pietra USA

In the business environment, there are panels of mobile or temporary walls that can be used to divide a space into cubicles. The modular wall panels can be wood or metal and often covered with textured materials, fabric or wallpaper to make them more aesthetically pleasing. There are also sound-absorbing panels sound to create home and professional rooms trial, and there are wall panels that are perfect for the study.

At home, the wall panels are usually used for visual appeal and decor. If a homeowner prefers something less extensive panels or tiles, faux finishes or even faux panels may work well. A faux finish can be used to create the look of wood paneling, stone or fabric. However luxury stone designs from in-pietra can sometime not only make your home look great but increase the overall value of your home.

Avoid Cheap Hosting SEO Companies

I was browsing one of the most popular seo forums on the net and have encountered a lot of debate whether these seo hosting companies are a good idea or not. Basically an seo hosting service is a really cheap hosting solution like let’s say $2 per month to host your site. Usually people use these types of hosting services to host small websites they want to use for link building purposes.

Now I’m totally against these type of hosting because they are very unreliable and what’s the point. Many people are using them also to host multiple niche websites which I believe is a very bad idea.

I also own websites in many niches like my limousine cape coral site and my west palm beach marble site which are both niche sites, if I were to use a cheap hosting companies those sites would be down 70% of the time.

My answer of course is stay away from these, go with more established well known companies for hosting because they have thousands of clients and they have a 99% uptime guaranteed which is the type of hosting I recommend for niche sites or any site.

Is Godaddy A Good Hosting Solution?

You have probably seem a ton of the commercials by Godaddy where they are advertising their domain and website services, they offer a variety of services from email, hosting, dedicated hosting, website builders, one-click wordpress installs and more.

Perhaps you are considering using Godaddy not only to buy your next domain name but to actually build and host your website. If this is the case let’s talk about whether or not Godaddy is a good hosting solution for your website.

And in order to answer that we must first analyze to see what type of website you’ll be building and hosting. For example Godaddy offers WordPress hosting solutions which basically means they have recommended packages that apply only for people who are using the WordPress platform to launch their website. If you have a high traffic blog or site this can be a lucrative solution although there are many hosting companies out there that offer similar features and options for WP blogs at cheaper prices, it doesn’t mean they are better it’s just something to keep in mind.

godaddy-logoHosting is different for everyone because not everyone is running the same type of blog, store or website.

This is why whether Godaddy is for you it depends on the type of site you have, for example I have a friend who owns palm beach marble & granite and he doesn’t receive more than 200 visitors a month, he has a $8 per month Godaddy hosting plan and his site works without problems.

However, this is not the case for everyone. If want to launch the next million dollar idea you can’t do it on a Godaddy hosting plan, which is why knowing the magnitude of your project before hiring a hosting service is always a good idea.

Should You Pay For Cheap Hosting?

I often get asked this question on whether you should pay for cheap hosting services or not, the truth is hosting is crucial for maintaining a website and if you have a business that is completely depending on the traffic your website receives you should never go cheap when it comes to anything related to your business.

Let’s say you want to have a small business on your local city, like a limousine service or something in the service industry. Usually you’ll find that anything in the service industry like plumbers, handymen, transportation or anything else are growing extremely fast on the internet because more and more people are looking for reviews and information about businesses before actually calling or visiting the small business. This is becoming something normal and business owners know that competition is getting tougher so they must step up their game.

You do not want a potential customer to go to your website and find the following message:


Of course if you have a small business you can’t expect to receive traffic like Groupon or any of the major sites out there. So you might not need to spend thousands of dollars in Web Hosting but you should have a provider who guarantee 99.9% uptime and reliable service. Companies like Bluehost, Godaddy or Hostgator usually are good match for small businesses.

Hosting options for high traffic websites

When it comes to blogs or commercial websites we want to get as much traffic as we possible can get, the problem is sometimes many people don’t know that they need specific hosting services to make sure their website is live and working 24/7. In this quick post I want to talk about the difference hosting options you can use for your website depending on the type of site you have.

If you have a blog that is receiving more than 50,000 visitors per month we would recommend that you do not host that blog in a shared hosting plan, that will most likely make your site super slow and most likely it will crash several times per day which can hurt your traffic and rankings on Google.

For commercial or business websites that receive lots of traffic you can use dedicated servers which can cost up to $150 per month but well worth it if your business depends on having your website online every day. I have a friend who owns a site called publicidad en miami is often having to upgrade to bigger hosting packages because once your traffic increases it starts slowing down everything in your site, specially if you have lots of images and pages.

Amazon servers are great for hosting and if you receive lots of traffic or you expect to receive lots of traffic we recommend you check them out because even government sites are using amazon hosting services.

What hosting are your competitors using?

So I had a friend who is launching his own photography business in the city he lives in, he has no idea what hosting services is best for him and he is concerned about what hosting will benefit him for speed and for seo purposes. I decided to write this quick post to talk about how to view such information and get ideas for best hosting services depending on the type of website you plan on building.

1) Learn what your competitors are using..

This is fairly simple to do, if you want to know what hosting your competitors are using simply view their information. It’s fairly easy to do. All you have to do is find your top 5 closest competitors on Google. For example since my friend is in the photography business he simply types wedding photography fort myers and selects the top 5 results.

2) Use the Whois Data.

Whois data is a free resource that reveals all the details on a specific website/domain. Once you have selected your top 5 competitors simply enter that information on the whois data and it should give you the name of the hosting provider for that website.

This is a simple way to find out what your competitors are doing to host their sites, you can either use the same providers they are using or you can use it as a guideline to find the best provider that fits your budget and project. Just be sure you do your research and know which companies will provide you with the space and tools you need to not only host your website but also be able to expand your site later with any features or functions you want to ad. Hope this post helps someone out there.